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  • Available initially on WINDOWS. Then on ANDROID and then on iPHONE.

Easy fun at lower levels. Challenging at higher levels

  • A Third-Person Hunting game (the fox needs to catch food), you RPG (Role Play Game) as the adventurous fox
  • It is 3x (Explore, Exploit, Exterminate) as you explore the woods looking for food to catch (and predators to avoid)
  • At higher levels the game becomes more RTS (Real-Time Strategy) as you try to minimize time to maximize your score
  • At higher levels (with more and faster animals) a Twin-Stick game controller is useful (but not required) to aim as you run
  • You can choose to replay previous levels anytime (to relax, or to try to get a higher score)


  • Steam (Windows PC):
    • Steam Version Now available to testers.   Shipping 08-October-2021
  • Google-Play (Android):
    • Developed and functioning.   Google App-Store still to come.
  • Apple-Store (iPhone iOS):
    • In development.   Expected to ship in 2022.
  • XBox:
    • Developed and functioning, but no product or shipment plans.

"Fox Goes Hunting" User Manual (Game Guide):

  • 'Foxy' is hungry, with slowly decreasing health
    • Dont let health drop to zero or you lose
  • Use movement keys or controller-joysticks to move
    • At higher levels Twin-Sticks can help turn will moving
  • Use space-bar or controller-Y to jump
  • Run over prey (Chickens, Rabbits) to eat them
  • Dont let predators kill you or you lose and must replay the level
    • Shoot ('F' or controller-right-toggle) predators (Wolves, Bears, etc)
    • If you get low on bullets run over the bullet Reward spinning coins
  • Use the map (click map-icon or 'M' or controller-map) to sniff animal locations
  • The faster you eat all prey and shoot all predators then the better the score
    • Higher levels have more and faster animals
    • You may randomly (1 chance in 15) get a special surprise predator
    • Level-16 is a preview prototype of a future "T-Rex hunts Dinosaurs" game
  • Anytime you want, you can choose to relax and just replay an easier level (or try for a higher score)
    • Anytime during play you can click '|| pause-icon' or 'TAB' to suspend back to the main menu
    • And then in the main menu use 'Resume' to resume right back into the paused play
  • The main-menu has a "Leaders" button (or when you 'Win' any level) to show:
    • The single level Best Score list and to total game Cumulative Score list
  • You can RESIZE the game window anytime. Click on the top or bottom or edge or corner and drag larger or smaller
    • This new size and shape is saved each time you resize, and is used the next time you start the game

Keyboard and Controller:

Game Controls

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